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Concussions and other head injuries can be serious and potentially life threatening sports injuries. Research indicates that these injuries may also have serious consequences later in life if not managed properly. A concussion occurs when there is a direct or indirect blow to the head, causing the brain to bang against the inside of the skull. As a result, impairment of mental functions such as memory, balance/equilibrium, or vision may occur.

It is important to recognize that many sport-related concussions do not result in loss of consciousness and, therefore, all suspected head injuries should be taken seriously. Coaches and fellow teammates can be helpful in identifying those who may potentially have a concussion, because a concussed athlete may not be aware of their condition or potentially be trying to hide the injury to stay in the game or practice. No athlete should be allowed to return on the same day of a suspected concussion. All athletes suspected of having a concussion should see a physician trained in concussion assessment and management.

Matthew Gfeller Center personnel often reach out to the community to provide training and support to medical professionals concerning the assessment of concussion by giving presentations, providing consultations, and sharing materials to individuals in the medical community. In addition, Matthew Gfeller Center personnel also reach out to parents, coaches, and athletes interested in learning more about brain injury in sport through presentations, visits to schools, and providing educations materials. If you are interested in obtaining materials or information on brain injury in sport, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Case Manager
Case Manager

Our THRIVE Program is growing, and we're looking for a Case Manager/Social Work Practitioner to join the mission.


Soc/Clin Research Assistant
Soc/Clin Research Assistant

The Matthew Gfeller Center is growing, and we're looking for a Social/Clinical Research Assistant (Journey level) to join the mission.